Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yoda (Digital Painting)

With the hype surrounding the release of the teaser for the next Star Wars movie, I couldn't help myself doing a little fan homage to one of my favourite characters from the franchise. Bring on the Force Awakens!


Yoda (black & white)

Initial Sketch.

Kitten (Digital Painting)

This was created as part of an art trade with a friend. They requested I draw a kitten. I scoured the internet for photo-references of kittens (which wasn't hard). I ended up drawing a Tabby as I currently live with one of the little rascals, so I couldn't help myself (I like to think this is what he looked like when he was a kitten).


Initial Sketch.

Speed Painting #08 - After the Tears

Here's a quick one from early April. I wanted to draw something with a bit of emotion. I should explore more expressions in my drawings.

After the Tears