Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rear Admiral Isaac Arthur Ramsay-Brown (Digital Painting)

I'm finally able to upload this without ruining the surprise for my friend.
This was created before the new year, however due to the holidays, it took a little while for me to get it printed and framed. Recently I've been wanting to draw people that I know personally, but I always find it awkward to ask, however I couldn't pass up the opportunity of drawing my friend Isaac as he was planning to leave for overseas. I really wanted to really create something distinguished with this piece that resonated with classic bygone portraiture.

After receiving my subject's blessing, I proceeded to gather my reference material, which mainly involved photographs of the subject and an image of Napoleon II which I wanted to tailor my drawing off of. As always, I began with the sketching process to make sure I nailed proportions. After I was happy with the sketch I went onto painting a grey-scale version (black and white) of the portrait - this is a great way to focus on tone (light and shadow) and form. Once that stage was finished, I added colour, textured and finessed the image.

I'm quite happy with the end result of this portrait and consider it one of my personal favourites. Of course, it's even better that it's a gift for someone else. I look forward to doing something like this again in the future. Until next time...

Rear Admiral Isaac Arthur Ramsey-Brown

Initial Sketch.

Grey-scale version (pre-colour).

Reference of main subject (Isaac Brown)

Supporting reference (Napoleon II)

Framed print with Isaac Brown.