Thursday, February 18, 2016

Warrior (Digital Painting)

This piece was a commission that I began back around the middle of 2015, however due to my other workloads and commitments, I only got around to finishing it off around the start of 2016. The brief was to paint my client as a Spartan warrior. The planned output was for a canvas print with the dimensions of 600mm x 1000mm.

After sitting down and discussing the initial idea with the client, I was able to collect some reference images and go away to do additional research into Spartan warriors and sketch up a few concepts. Once a particular concept was settled upon, I was able to dive right into my process which was to flesh out the initial sketch and create a black and white version before eventually moving onto colouring and finalising.

Although the process had taken longer than I would have liked, it was an enjoyable experience with some great learning along the way in terms of improvements to my process. And of course, it's all worth while when the client is happy with the results!


Concept #1

Concept #2

Warrior (black & white)

Facial reference (Luke)